HarmonyOS Logo unveiled by Huawei’s CEO

HarmonyOS Logo unveiled by Huawei's CEO

A first look on the logo of the HarmonyOS was just unveiled by its CEO, although it may take a while before it releases.

2020 has been an exciting year for the smartphone industry so far. COVID-19 has forced companies to think outside the box in terms of its launches. So far, only Samsung and Huawei were able to launch their new handsets in a physical event. OnePlus and Apple had to shift their launches online completely.

Be that as it may, the updates on the phones and the operating systems have been great. Unfortunately, the playing field hasn’t been fair to Huawei, while its rivals are moving forward with certainty. The Chinese smartphone maker is stuck with an impediment to its development. Nonetheless, it’s still aiming for growth.

HarmonyOS logo unveiled

Huawei CEO Richard Yu unveiled on Weibo the newest addition to Huawei’s services. The company has been severed from Google’s Android services. As such, it had to scramble to come up with its OS to keep its users interested.

The logo looks unusual. Yu released two logos, one for the global market and one for the Chinese market. Both look odd. Instead of going for a single image similar to Android or Apple, Huawei went with a multi-element approach.

Be that as it may, it could still change. No one expects HarmonyOS to be released anytime soon except if the company has fast-tracked its development. If it did, it still has first to solve its ties with the U.S. and other countries in the world. If it doesn’t, releasing HarmonyOS could just be a futile measure.

Huawei is scrambling for support

The Chinese company has its back against the wall after the U.S. ban on the company. It lost a big market in the U.S. Also, several other countries followed suit because of the ban. As such, Huawei is losing huge amounts of money in the process.

As if that isn’t so bad yet, Huawei is also having problems with its production. It was only able to stockpile a limited number of chipsets for its new phones. As a result, it is now reporting a shortage of processors for their new and upcoming smartphones.

The U.S. has its hands around the neck of local companies, including Qualcomm. Without it, Huawei’s own Kirin chipsets cannot be produced. Fortunately, Qualcomm is knocking on the U.S. government’s door to allow it to at least sell the necessary services to Huawei. If not, the world may not see a new Huawei phone in the market in the next couple of years.

Image from GizmoChina

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