Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom feuding over prenuptial agreement rumor debunked

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom feuding over prenuptial agreement rumor debunked

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are not feuding over their prenuptial agreement in contrast to reports claiming that they are.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are already engaged and are expecting their first child together. An outlet claimed that the couple was feuding over their prenuptial agreement, which was not true at all.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s prenuptial agreement

Star magazine claimed that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were having issues with their prenuptial agreement. A dubious source claimed that money was standing in the way of the soon-to-be parents.

“Katy and Orlando are on different financial levels, so their teams are battling over their fortunes,” the so-called source said.

Their feuding was allegedly about Perry being “richer by a significant amount” compared to Bloom. Perry’s team advised her to play it safe about her finances, which agitated her husband-to-be.

“Orlando doesn’t blame Katy, but he’s starting to feel their marriage is more like a business arrangement and it’s putting a damper on everything,” the insider added.

The tabloid also alleged that they were calling off their wedding due to an “imbalance in their celebrity status.”

“The difference between their earning powers is a recipe for disaster, and everybody can see it,” the insider said.

Katy and Orlando feuding rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the claims that they were feuding about money. Also, the two are still together despite the rumors.

Besides, a reputable source reached out to Gossip Cop and denied the article calling it rubbish.

In addition, if Bloom and Perry were really at war, they would not be together by now and let alone get married.

Also, it’s not true that Perry was funding Bloom’s lavish lifestyle.

Gossip Cop corrected the report because it was insulting for the well-established actor. Bloom has a successful career on his own. He was even part of big movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings.

Perry and Bloom wants Jennifer Aniston as baby’s godmother

An insider claimed that Katy Perry reached out to Jennifer Aniston and asked the Friends alum to be her daughter’s godmother. The Morning Show star was allegedly touched that the news made her cry.

“Katy and Jen are very close. During lockdown they went for socially distanced walks, and spent lots of time catching up,” the source said.

“She is pretty chuffed about it as well and cried when they asked her.”

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