Brad Pitt nominated for Stinkers Bad Movie award, banned from China

Brad Pitt has starred in several movies, and he has also earned countless awards.

However, Brad Pitt didn’t receive much recognition for his performance in Seven Years In Tibet.

Brad Pitt’s performance was reportedly underwhelming

His portrayal of Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer earned him a nomination in the Stinkers Bad Movie award.

Additionally, critics found Seven Years In Tibet underwhelming. And the People’s Republic of China was disappointed in the film due to some political reasons.

Brad Pitt banned from visiting China

According to Interview Magazine, the country disliked the negative depiction of Chinese military officers. And they also took offense over the positive portrayal of the 14th Dalai Lama.

The countless criticisms that Pitt received from the project also resulted in him being banned from entering China for almost 20 years.

Brad Pitt visited China twice following his ban

Brad Pitt visited China twice following his ban

In 2014, the Ad Astra star set foot in China once again alongside his wife, Angelina Jolie, for a promotional trip for Maleficent. Two years later, he visited the country once again to support the movie, Allied.

Despite the criticisms, Pitt said that his performance in Seven Years In Tibet was life-changing.

“I’d say yes. Sure. All movies are. For an audience, it’s two hours, but for me, it’s a half year of living. And this one particularly. Being in a different culture for so long, you couldn’t help but walk out of there with something… I didn’t know anything about Tibet, really, and the first images in my head were of Shangri-la, and that’s not it at all. You just get these notions of an oasis in the middle of this violent world, but it’s the people who make it a Shangri-la, not the land,” he said.

Emmy Awards reunion rumors

Brad Pitt recently proved that not all of his performances are underwhelming. He recently earned a nomination at the Emmys for his portrayal of Dr. Anthony Fauci on Saturday Night Live.

The awards show will be held next month, and the celebrity guests will watch it live from the comfort of their homes.

There are rumors that Pitt could reunite with Jennifer Aniston at the actress’s home. After all, the Friends star is also nominated for an award following her performance in The Morning Show.

Fans of Pitt and Aniston imagine what it would be like for the couple to watch the Emmys together.

“Emmy Award Coverage: camera pans to Jen and Brad sitting in her living room together,” one fan said.

As of late, Brad Pitt and Aniston have not confirmed that they are attending the Emmys together.

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