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‘Ghost of Tsushima’: Everything the developer needs to fix


Sucker Punch Production’s latest game is a masterpiece, and critics love it so far. That isn’t to say that Ghost of Tsushima is a perfect title, as there are a few flaws that need addressing.

As with most large-scale games, Ghost of Tsushima suffers from a few issues at launch. There are some bugs here and there, but there are glaring issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. These issues might be small, but for the game to go down as one of the best, Sucker Punch Production’s need to sort these out.

Japanese voice issues

All of the game’s reviewers have pointed out one glaring issue in the game, and it’s the Japanese voice acting. According to critics, the game’s Japanese voices don’t line up with the mouths of the characters in the game. This is a critical flaw as a lot of players are hoping to play the game with Japanese voices enabled.

The game is a pure samurai epic through and through. From its locales to the general theme, the developers were pushing for an authentic Japanese experience. It’s a shame that there are issues with the Japanese voices as we’re sure this would’ve made the experience more immersive.

Stealth mechanics

The game is generally about Jin’s inner conflict between his honor and his need to beat the Mongols. He has a choice to continue his way of the samurai, but sticking with his traditional methods means failure. As such, Ghost of Tsushima lets Jin become a ninja.

Surprisingly, the stealth mechanics in the game felt poor. As compared to the gripping stealth sections in The Last of Us 2, the one in the game pales in comparison.

The issues are with how the AI reacts upon seeing Jin. There’s not much aggressiveness on their part, and most of the time, the AI wasn’t smart enough. Overall, they didn’t feel like a threat to Jin the Ghost.

With a future update, the developers should try and improve the AI in the game. Doing so ups the stakes when playing as a Ghost, and it makes the experience much better as well.

Ghost of Tsushima launches for the PlayStation 4 tomorrow. The game’s reviews have been generally positive so far, and it seems like it’s a contender for game of the year already. Still, it’s a must to see what gamers think about the game first.

Image used courtesy of Sucker Punch Productions/YouTube

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