iPhone SE 2020 is the perfect phone to buy amid COVID-19 outbreak

Apple’s new iPhone SE is the perfect phone to buy this pandemic season. With the health and economic risks brought by the novel coronavirus pandemic, Apple seems to have made the right choice in launching its affordable iPhone SE.

In a time when most people are wary of their spending, Apple’s releasing of its new iPhone SE smartphone had seemed an insane idea. However, upon seeing the phone and what it can do, its arrival couldn’t have been more at a perfect time. 

A price perfect for the times

The first thing that a person would notice about the iPhone SE is its price. It’s definitely one to compete with Samsung’s recently released mid-range smartphones when it comes to affordability. With a price tag of $399, it’s much more sensible to buy in this uncertain period than premium phones with a price that could punch a hole right through a person’s wallet. 

The practicality of the Touch ID

One of the iPhone SE’s best features right now is the Touch ID. This security feature basically allows one to open the smartphone biometrically and without having to use a PIN code. This applies not just for the opening of the smartphone as the Touch ID can also be used to log into various applications and make financial transactions. 

But the best thing about the Touch ID right now is that it is perfect against the novel coronavirus. How? With the current climate and almost everyone wearing face masks, face recognition doesn’t seem too ideal, does it?

Protection against online security threats

Cybercriminals are now more active than ever, and it is crucial that one’s smartphone comes with the necessary features to protect against them. Thankfully, the iPhone SE has the updated iOS 13, which gives an incredible focus on security and privacy. 

More than that, it has the ability to manage the collection of data done by apps like Google and Facebook. Apple is known for constantly updating and improving its services, especially when it comes to security issues. There is, without a doubt, Apple’s reputation would extend to the iPhone SE. 

The fastest processor right now

But what truly makes the iPhone SE a must-have is it having the A13 Bionic processor, which is so far the fastest processor that a person can get on any smartphone. Theoretically, it’s even faster than the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, which costs around $1,500 to $1,600, respectively. 

And the best part of it all is that one can get this ultra-fast processor for only $399. 

Images courtesy of Apple and Daniel Romero/Unsplash

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