‘One Punch Man’ Chapter 140: A possible fight between Blast, Saitama

One Punch Man Chapter 140

Fans are now waiting for the coming of One Punch Man Chapter 140. With the official introduction of Blast, will viewers see an intense battle between him and Saitama?

A lot is expected to happen in One Punch Man Chapter 140. However, as Yusuke Murata remains mum about the next installment’s release, he may still be busy working on it.

A possible fight between two heroes

According to BlockToro, it is relatively easy to predict what may happen next to the series. With Blast’s arrival, there are assumptions that he may make things hard for Saitama with his great ability and incredible power.

Knowing Saitama can defeat an enemy with just a single punch, it remains to be seen if he can do the same with Blast. If it happens, it is also possible that their fight may not continue.

By the looks of it, One Punch Man Chapter 140 may set up the fight between these two, knowing they are now from the same team.

Anyhow, fans should never be confident of Blast being a hero. There is a big possibility that he may turn into a formidable enemy that may give Saitama the reason to bring him down.

However, it is also unclear if Blast is inferior or superior to Saitama’s strength, Omnitos noted.

Now that Saitama has made an appearance, Blast has put them on the surface to make them able to regroup with others.

Elsewhere, the Cadres may also arrive in One Punch Man Chapter 140. They will put significant pressure on the much-loved superheroes, putting Saitama in a tough fight with them.

Release date and other details

As of this writing, One Punch Man Chapter 140’s release date is yet to be out. However, there are theories it will drop on the first day of March.

It has been almost a month since the previous installment arrived, so fans believe the new chapter will be ready by then.

But knowing how Murata works, he will drop the much-awaited chapter whenever it is ready. It has been known that there is no fixed release date or schedule for this series, and so its release has been a guessing game since then.

The only time that fans will be sure that the new chapter will come is when Murata tweets about it.

So, it may still take a long while before Murata finally releases One Punch Man Chapter 140.

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