‘World Trigger’ Season 3 release date: What does the new season have in store?


World Trigger Season 3 will soon hit the small screens after the anime confirmed its official release date with a new trailer.

Sure, there is a long wait between the first and second seasons. But Toei Animation makes it easier for fans by dropping World Trigger Season 3 sooner than expected.

New Season Details, Trailer and More

The anime’s first season had a massive over 70-episode order that took it a few years before a second season dropped.

However, though the second season only had fewer episodes than the debut season, the franchise promised to release the third season sooner than expected. Season 2 was part of the Winter 2021 anime schedule.

True to its words, World Trigger Season 3 will be part of the Fall 2021 anime schedule, Comicbook noted.

In fact, it now has a new trailer that teases the big fights fans are about to see, featuring Yuma Kuga and the other heroes.

Second Season Plotline, Teasers and More

According to Dual Shockers, World Trigger Season 3 will continue the story of Tamakoma Second. The group will face much stronger enemies this time in the B-Rank Rank Battles Arc.

The new season visual has already given a good look at team ace Yuma Kuga and Hyuse. Here, Yuma seems to use his Spider Wire, while Hyuse shows his Bagworm.

By the looks of it, the two will now work together despite being enemies before.

Talking about the upcoming season, series director Morio Hatano revealed the works they had done for the series.

“The staff has been working relentlessly to reflect the charisma of World Trigger,” he said. “Its young protagonists’ emotions, their elaborate strategies, and how they each grow as a person as they fight through battle after battle.”

With this work, Hatano believed the new season would surpass what its predecessors had featured.

“I believe Season 3 will surpass the expectations of World Trigger fans,” he continued. “To the point that you’ll want to rewatch the episodes over and over. Please keep supporting us.”

Meanwhile, though the third season’s episode order is yet to be confirmed, it may still feature a single cour just like the second season. It will also have the same staff and cast from its previous seasons.

So, what do you expect to happen in the anime’s continuation? Do you want it to pick up the events from the previous season?

Find out when World Trigger Season 3 finally drops on Oct. 9.

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