Jana Duggar wants to find ‘The One’ amid Lawson Bates dating rumors

Jana Duggar wants to find ‘The One’ amid Lawson Bates dating rumors

Jana Duggar is single, and she wants to find her “The One” soon amid the dating rumors claiming that she is courting with Lawson Bates.

Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar kid who is single. She remains single in her 30s, unlike her married siblings, who are still in their 20s. In her recent interview, Jana addressed her dating life.

Jana Duggar wants to find the love of her life

Jana Duggar has not introduced any man in her family’s reality show. Many want to see her courting, but she remains uncommitted.

However, that doesn’t mean that she is closing her door from the dating world. She admitted that just like her siblings, she would like to get married.

“Yes, I long to be married and one day I think that will come, but I think … I’m just also just trying to stay busy with whatever comes along my path,” Jana told Us Weekly.

Even if she is single, the 19 Kids and Counting alum is not on a rush to date. She’s not stressing herself too much while waiting for her prince charming.

“I’m not that worried,” Jana said.

Although there is a “little more pressure,” Jana uses her time in making the most of her single years.

“I think if I sit there and I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not married’ and just [get] all worried about it, it makes things way worse,” she said.


Jana’s dating life

Jana Duggar could announce courtship soon. Many believed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest daughter would introduce someone dear to her in the upcoming season of their reality show.

Jana has been rumored to be dating Lawson Bates. A video of Jana playing a board game with Lawson made the rounds online.

Lawson’s sister, Carlin, shared it on her Instagram Story. In the clip, Jana and Lawson played games with Carlin, Carlin’s husband, and Jana’s sister Johannah Duggar.

Johanna’s presence in the video convinced many of Jana’s alleged courting. Usually, when the Duggar starts courting, they are accompanied by a sibling. They use the chaperone method to keep the couple from being alone together.

Jana and her siblings

Jana Duggar is very close to her parents. There are times when she takes over her mom Michelle’s role in looking after her younger siblings. She also cooks and maintains the house.

Due to Jana being an authoritarian figure, there are claims that she is at odds with her siblings. Her younger brothers and sisters have reportedly harbored resentment toward her, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

However, there is no evidence to support such a claim. Also, based on Counting On, Jana has a warm relationship with her siblings.

Image used courtesy of Entertainment Tonight/YouTube Screenshot

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